Rail Training Suite

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Provide your workforce life-like simulated experience on critical regulatory inspections & tasks, reducing errors and fines – without additional costs of rolling stock, instruction and travel. Our easy-to-use packaged virtual Simulations & Guides allow your conductors, mechanics and engineers to build proficiency on Air Brake Tests, Pre-Departure & Daily Inspections, Track Switches and other Part 243 training requirements.

Leading railroads – BNSF, NS, Alaska RR, OmniTRAX, CYD, UP, Amtrak, CSX, CN – deploy our virtual training technology every day. Heartwood has featured in major rail publications, awarded Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies and ’10 Most Trusted Simulation Solution Providers’.

This year 45,315 railroaders will stay competent with our training apps.
The Practice is Simulated. The Proficiency is Real.


Air Brake Test: 6 car types, 11 brake types, 25+ inspections/defects
Pre-Departure Inspection
: 6 car types, 30+ inspections
Locomotive Daily Inspection: 200+ inspection items.
Air Flow Sim: visualize pressure and state changes.
Brake Type Familiarization: show components, 11 brake types/6 car types.
Switches & Routes: Practice navigating switches. 3-7 switches per route.


Easy, simple deployment. Train on the systems you currently have – PCs, tablets or LMS.

Packaged suite of apps starts at 50+ users.

(Highest tier at 1500 users. For Class 1 volume packaging, please fill the contact form on this page)


For new-hires or existing employees, Heartwood’s Rail Simulations & Guides shown below are packaged in one convenient suite for your Short Line, Regional or Smaller Railroad.
View the Rail Training Suite apps below for more details and ‘in action’ videos.

Update: Train your staff with the Switches & Routes interactive 3D simulation. Now with the Rail Training Suite at no additional cost.

6 mos. $0. No Obligations. Limited Offer

Rail Training Suite

Air Brake Test Sim (CFR 232)

Air Brake Test Guide (CFR 232)

Brake Type Familiarization Sim

Pre-Departure Inspection Sim (CFR 215)

Locomotive Daily Inspection Sim (CFR 229)

Locomotive Daily Inspection Guide (CFR 229)

Pre-Departure Inspection Guide (CFR 215,238)

Air Flow Sim (CFR 232, 238)

Switches & Routes Sim (VR)

"Heartwood Sims are used in every class for Conductors, Engineers, & mechanics, and loving them. New hires are leaving training with better experience…it’s so easy to use simulators, even technologically challenged people have no problems.

Director, Rail OperationsConrad Yelvington Distributors

"They really understand the complete system that they were working on. It makes OJT training more efficient and more safe with easily retainable material."

Manager of Talent Acquisition and DevelopmentAlaska Railroad

"The ability to practice within the virtual environment is leading towards better knowledge retention and fewer mistakes. Employees retain, understand more of what they’re learning and remember safety protocols. We are training one-third of transportation employees each year and a version specific to mechanical employees."

Senior Director of Operations TrainingCSX

“The technology allows us to objectively measure their performance on each task, provide immediate feedback, and electronically capture completion of the training for record keeping."

Manager Technical Training, TransportationNorfolk Southern


For a limited time, you can provide your staff this virtual Rail Training Suite for six months at no cost. No obligation or strings attached. Get started below!

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