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Traditional eLearning & training courseware for Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is mostly passive, not allowing for student ‘practice’. There is a lot of showing, but not much doing. Trainees do not have the opportunity to perform the procedures, as they do in a live training session. Live sessions on the other hand, are expensive, hard to schedule and not scalable.

Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training empowers your workforce to practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form & function, allowing them to ‘learn by doing’ anytime, anywhere. This in turn accelerates employee learning and decreases costly live training – by being Visual, Interactive and Portable.

Click the videos below to see how top tier brands are deploying our solutions for Virtual Maintenance Training, Operator Training and Safety Training!

PGE Solutions Page F

PG&E Virtual Training – Disassembly & Rebuild

Norfolk Southern Brake Test 1

Norfolk Southern Class 1 Brake Test – Interactive 3D Simulation

Us Navy Tritec Actuator

Navy Actuator Assembly / Disassembly

Komatsu Solutions Page V5

Komatsu – Familiarization Course

Lower Training Costs

Reduce the travel costs, facility expense, and instructor fees associated with live training. Save on Subject Matter Expert (SME) travel and equipment shipment costs to and from each location. Train distributed workforces to perform complex tasks with less risk to staff or equipment – Anytime, Anywhere on WEB, PC, MOBILE, AR & VR.

Companies see an ROI of upto 7x and reduce their live training time upto 60%.

Accelerate Employee Engagement

Mastery is attained through ordinary practice, done consistently. Videos, images and Powerpoints can’t do that. 3D interactivity turns passive observers into active, hands-on participants! Instructional information is displayed as 3D interactive content that mirrors the real world in both ‘form’ and ‘function’. Simply put, this means it looks like the real thing, and acts like it.

Beyond just step-by-step instruction, we develop true-to-life immersive scenarios as they would occur in the real world. Multiple modes of instruction – Explore, Practice, and Troubleshoot/Evaluate.

Types of Training

We equip your team with ‘ready to use user-friendly training Apps (vs. complicated software programs) to deploy as:

  • Familiarization – System Overview, Explore parts & components, Explain workings. See sample.
  • Procedural – Step by step guidance, Assembly & Dis-assembly, Remove & Replace. See sample.
  • Troubleshooting – Diagnosing and Remedial Action.
  • Checklist – Real-time guidance in the field. See sample.

Portable. Scalable. Modular.

Training is not just a classroom to go to. Unchain your workforce from the limitation of travel, aligning schedules and training in batches. Effective training programs allow technicians to access visual instruction and learn at their own pace – anytime, anywhere on:
1. Laptop/PCs.
2. Mobile & Tablet devices.
3. Web browsers.
3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based training.

Oshkosh Solutions Page

Oshkosh Operator Training


Lockout Tagout – OSHA Safety Virtual Training Simulation

DFW Solutions Page

DFW – Interactive Quick Start Operator Guide

Komatsu Sim Solutions Page

Komatsu Truck Simulator

Audi Solutions Page

Audi Virtual Cockpit Trainer


Our 3D Interactive applications are specifically tailored for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) training – for Equipment, Machinery, Devices, Facilities, Aircraft and Vehicles.


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