Reynolds Consumer Products is a leading provider of household products that simplify daily life. Reynolds® and Hefty® brand products help make mealtime easier with preparation, cooking, cleanup, and storage solutions. Reynolds® products include the iconic Reynolds Wrap® aluminum foil, Reynolds Kitchens® parchment paper, plastic wrap, oven bags, and slow cooker liners. The Hefty® brand is known for strong, dependable waste bags, slider bags, plates, and cups. For more information, visit

Reynolds Consumer Products is piloting the first phase of a 3D interactive training iPad app as a part of their digital transformation vision in the workplace.  Armed with 3D “training on demand”— line operators, technicians and engineers can engage with the iPad “Virtual Line” app, accessing visual and interactive information to learn tasks faster, with fewer errors, and with improved knowledge retention — without disrupting the line operations or productivity.  This new style of learning is anticipated to result in increased machine understanding, improved safety, less machine downtime, higher yields, and increased employee retention.

Sponsored by Judi Buckner, SVP Business Transformation, this training application will be deployed for employees operating Hefty® trash bags lines. “I see tremendous potential to extend the traditional training classroom onto the factory floor and we chose iPad with Heartwood to help us do this, because iPad is both a user-friendly and powerful interactive tool. It’s extremely well-suited to our business objective. By transforming complicated work instructions into this 3D interactive app, we are providing our teams with valuable training on our manufacturing processes and adding value faster than ever before.”

At Reynolds, new factory employees train both in a classroom and on the shop floor before becoming certified to run a production line. Typically, for new hires who have never seen the equipment, machines on the production line have to be stopped for training. With the Virtual Line app, employees will familiarize themselves with equipment on iPad before entering the factory floor — preventing a costly loss of productivity. Instructors can explain complicated procedures using detailed interactive 3D simulations to make sure employees have the knowledge and confidence to succeed. After their initial training, employees will have ongoing access to Virtual Line training on iPad.

Reynolds partnered with Heartwood, an Enterprise Simulation & Training company, for this digital transformation vision. As an Apple mobility partner, Heartwood iOS solutions help fuel its mission to deliver operations and maintenance training apps to enterprises like Reynolds Consumer Products.


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