BACKGROUND & PROBLEM: Ground Patrol is an infrequent duty of Utility personnel. Due to this, many have trouble correctly identifying geohazard warning signs. If a warning sign is not identified early enough, a catastrophic event could occur. On the other hand, if a warning sign is identified that is not actually a warning sign, unnecessary hours are spent on follow up.

SOLUTION: The Geohazards ID Simulation allows learners to identify differences between geohazard warning signs in a simulated neighborhood. By showing what geohazard warning signs look like then identifying them in a simulated environment, personnel are able to gain confidence in accurately classifying their observations.

Learn how geohazards are formed & their environmental features.
Identify and categorize common geohazards.
Identify the differences between geological, morphological, and human made landslides.
Describe parts of each geohazard.
Accurately collect a geohazard observation.

Available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Web/SCORM

1. Instructors use it in the classroom as a visual instructive aid to increase engagement.
2. Provide an easy access performance support tool for individuals who patrol infrequently.
3. Present situations that cannot be presented or mimicked in a single live training location.

1. Savings – reduce the number of improperly reported geohazards thereby decrease rework.
2. Develop confidence in infrequent patrollers in their ability to identify geohazards.
3. More efficiently and accurately locate geohazards.

Download as PDF here.

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