Brake Type Familiarization — Interactive 3D Simulation

BACKGROUND & PROBLEM: Learning the different components and brake types of freight cars is a fundamental part of a railroad’s initial training for Conductors and Car Mechanics. This requires railroads to have multiple cars on-site and allocate a significant amount of training time for demonstration, practice, and evaluation. 

It is difficult to get close views at the right angles of the different brake types even with live equipment. Still images do not give a complete view from all angles of the equipment. Seeing this in a 3D interactive format would benefit Transportation and Mechanical employees performing inspections and maintenance procedures. 

SOLUTION OVERVIEW: The Brake Type Familiarization simulation allows a student to visually inspect eleven brake types on six freight car types in a 360-degree view. The student can achieve a close up view and better understanding of each brake type — hiding trucks, applying/releasing brakes, applying/releasing handbrakes, and reviewing brake decals. This provides the student additional practice and a deeper awareness at their pace, from any device.

Used for: Classroom Training, Self-Paced/Refresher Learning


  • Six freight car types
  • Eleven brake types
  • Full 360-degree rotation with zoom into brake components
  • Animation for application and release of brakes and handbrakes
  • Isolate 3D model to show only the brake system

1. Improved knowledge of brake components which can lead to increased efficiency performing inspections.
2. Reduced need for live equipment (Freight cars allocated for training).
3. A formalized tool for new hire training

After using the sim, employees should be able to:

  • Identify relevant components of brake system
  • Understand applied and released state of the different brake types
  • Read and understand a brake decal


  • .exe for PC, SCORM package for LMS, iOS

Confidence and mastery demonstrated has noticeably improved! Where students seemed uncertain before, they now know what they’re doing. Training 100 mechanics & 1800 conductors using the sim and up to 15,000 soon
– Manager Technical Training, Norfolk Southern (read their Success story and Interview here!)

This year 45,315 railroaders will stay competent with these training simulations and guides.

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