Becker VRP-SB-CH Pilot Virtual Training – Rebuild & Maintenance

BACKGROUND & PROBLEM: Every few years, gas service technicians are required to perform a tear-down and re-build of a Becker VRP-SB-CH Pilot, as part of preventive maintenance. There are often up to 20 pilots in a Field Service Representative’s (FSR) territory. Due to the complex nature of parts and components, both the error rate as well as the time to train the technicians can be high. This results in a lot of support calls related specifically to the rebuild procedure for both new and experienced FSRs, causing downtime and damage to equipment.

SOLUTION: A 3D interactive maintenance simulation that allows the user to practice each action and step, as if they were tearing it down and rebuilding it in real life. It includes choosing appropriate tools at relevant steps and shows how this equipment works in the overall system.

Internal Friction Test
Set Point & Balancing
Available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac

1. Instructors use in classrooms as a visual instructive aid, without students crowding around one actual valve.
2. Serves as a practice tool for students to master their individual skill level in the practical portion of classroom training.
3. Post-training, employees are able to ‘jump-to’ specific steps as needed, to match their real-life troubleshooting scenarios.

1. Savings – reduced job time & associated costs by up to 60%! Employees completing the job safely the first time, decreasing rework.
2. Reduced Over Pressure (OP) events and Truck Rolls.
3. Reduced travel and facility cost for refresher training since the marginal cost to deploy additional simulations is near-zero.

 “The owner’s manual is so confusing but it’s almost impossible to mess up when we use your app. It easily cut the time in half that it usually takes for training and no one blew a diaphragm, we usually have at least 1 per class.
– PG&E Technicians & Instructors

Download as PDF here.

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