Air Flow Simulation (CFR 232, 238)

: Difficult to convey how air flows through the locomotive and how components are interconnected. Knowing this information would benefit Conductors and Freight Car Mechanics performing inspections.

SOLUTION OVERVIEW: Using a 2D & 3D representation of the air system including reservoirs, valves, brake pipes, cylinders, control stand and more, a student is able to observe air pressure throughout the system as the train charges and when states change.

Visualization of air flow through a locomotive.
Allows student to manipulate independent and automatic brakes to see how these changes affect the pressure throughout the system.
Gives student additional practice at their own pace.
Used for: Classroom Training, Self-Paced/Refresher Learning


  • Visually show air flow through locomotive.
  • Explore air system components.
  • Manipulate independent and automatic brakes.
  • Real-time changes in pressure throughout the system.

Locomotive type: GP38-2
Available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, LMS


  1. Improved knowledge of air system components and air flow through locomotive components.
    A standardized training resource.
  2. A formalized tool for refresher training.

After using the sim, employees should be able to:

  • Identify relevant components of air system
  • Understand how and why pressure in the system changes
  • Improved understanding of inspections and procedures related to the air brake system, i.e. Class 1 Air Brake Test and Locomotive Daily Inspection

Download the Air Flow Sim Brochure here.

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