Air Flow Simulation (CFR 232, 238)

: It is difficult to convey how air flows through locomotives, rail cars and how components are interconnected.
Knowing this information would benefit Transportation and Mechanical employees performing inspections.

SOLUTION OVERVIEW: Using a visual representation of the air system including reservoirs, valves, brake pipes, cylinders, control stand and more, a student is able to observe air pressure throughout the system as the train charges and when states change.
Visualization of air flow is through a locomotive and rail cars as well.
Allows student to manipulate independent and automatic brakes to see how these changes affect the pressure throughout the system.
Gives student additional practice at their own pace.
Used for: Classroom Training, Self-Paced/Refresher Learning


  • Clear representation of relevant air system components for Transportation employees to understand how air flows through a 26-L brake system and rail cars.
  • Identify air system components on locomotives and rail cars.
  • Visual representation of air flowing through the locomotive and rail cars from Engine Start through Engine Shutdown.
  • Manipulating brake system components including automatic and independent brakes, regulating valve, cutout cocks, angle cocks, etc will affect the system components and gauges the same as in real life.
  • Real time air pressure calculations used to simulate all components.

Locomotive type: GP38-2
Available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, LMS


  1. Improved knowledge of air system components and air flow through locomotive and rail car components.
    A standardized training resource.
  2. A formalized tool for refresher training.

After using the sim, employees should be able to:

  • Identify relevant components of air system
  • Understand how and why pressure in the system changes
  • Improved understanding of inspections and procedures related to the air brake system, i.e. Class 1 Air Brake Test and Locomotive Daily Inspection

The Air Flow Simulation has proven an effective solution in enhancing the knowledge and retention of our students in locomotive engineer training at BNSF. The usability of the anytime, anywhere application allows them to build their knowledge on the topic beyond the classroom environment – at their own pace. We are exploring opportunities to use this interactive ‘learn-by-doing’ technology in other training programs and creating new applications on different topics.
– Manager Transportation Training, BNSF

This year 45,315 railroaders will stay competent with these training simulations and guides.

Download the Air Flow Sim Brochure here.

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