Blue Signal Protection (CFR 218) – Interactive Simulation

: To ensure the safety of railroad employees and equipment, federal regulations require proper Blue Signal Protections (CFR 218) be set up prior to performing certain procedures.

Typically this training is delivered through a mixture of classroom lecture, instructor-led activities, hands-on demonstrations, and practical examinations – but limited rail yard space and equipment translates into less hands-on demonstration and practice. Railroads would benefit from a better way to evaluate their employees’ knowledge of where and when to set up blue signal protections and provide ongoing refresher training.

SOLUTION OVERVIEW: The Blue Signal Evaluation Sim will evaluate employees’ knowledge of when and where to place blue signal markers, tags, locks and lights as well as which switches to change. The goal is to give students the opportunity to practice virtually without requiring live equipment.


  • Sim will randomly choose scenarios in a Rail Yard setting to test employees’ knowledge
  • Easily navigate environments to view track equipment, locomotives, and cars
  • Menu system to choose blue signal equipment
  • User Interface (UI) to interact with all blue signal equipment
  • Tracking system and score card to show performance and improvement opportunities
    Available on PC, iOS, Android, Web (LMS/SCORM)

1. Improved knowledge of where and when to set up blue signal protections.
2. Increased efficiency in identifying where and when to set up blue signal protections.
3. A standardized training resource and formalized tool for refresher training.

After using the sim, employees should be able to:

  • Determine the appropriate blue signal protections relevant to the contextual scenario (train yard, repair facility etc.)
  • Through repeat practice and self-assessment, achieve a satisfactory ‘PASS’ score based on multiple randomized safety scenarios.

This year 45,315 railroaders will stay competent with these training simulations and guides.

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