Pre-Departure Inspection (CFR 215) – Virtual Interactive Guide (VIG)

At each location where rail cars are added to a train (which have not been inspected at that point), the cars must be inspected by the train crew for defective equipment and other safety concerns. This inspection is a fundamental part of a railroad’s initial training for Conductors and rail car Mechanics. This inspection and testing, known as a Pre-Departure Inspection (CFR 215), requires Railroads to have multiple rail cars on-site and allocate a significant amount of training time for demonstration and practice.

To make procedural knowledge readily available in classroom training and in the field, Railroads can deploy a Virtual Interactive Guide (VIG) covering the inspection process. The VIG guides workforce through steps of the Pre-Departure Inspection with individual steps in both text and 3D animation. Ability to replay, move forward/back, search and jump to steps. Necessary safety and technical information is displayed.
Used for: Classroom Training, Self-paced refresher, Job Aid (Field) tool.

Inspection Items include: Brake Rigging, leaning/listing/sagging carbody, objects dragging under or extending from cars, insecure coupling, wheel defects, hand brakes, and safety appliances.
Car types: Gondola, Flat, Box, Tanker, Hopper, Well/Intermodal.
Available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android

1. Improved knowledge of rail car components and functions and Increased efficiency when performing the Pre-Departure Inspection.
2. Reduced need for live equipment (Locomotives/Rail cars allocated for training)
3. Readily available refresher training tool.

Identify & measure defective rail car components
Inspect wheels/trucks for defects
Determine if equipment is securely coupled and if hand brakes are applied or released
Identify safety hazards on rail cars
Understand the steps of a Pre-Departure Inspection.

Watch this detailed walkthrough video for a full feature overview

This year 45,315 railroaders will stay competent with these training simulations and guides.

Download the Pre-Departure Inspection VIG Brochure here.

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