Watch Webinar – Using 3D Interactive & VR Training for Operations, Maintenance & Safety

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Webinar Title – Using 3D Interactive & VR Training for Operations, Maintenance & Safety

Watch the webinar below to see how companies in Manufacturing, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace, Automotive, Railroad, and Utilities are using interactive 3D and VR for training.

Why is this important?
Traditional eLearning for O&M is mostly passive, not allowing for student practice. Trainees do not have the opportunity to perform the procedures. Live training sessions allow that, but are expensive, hard to schedule and not scalable.

Heartwood’s CEO Raj Raheja and Co-founder Neil Wadhawan answer these pressing questions:

• Why ‘watch & learn’ passive training must transform into ‘learn by doing’, even when remote. “If there is No Practice, there is No Training
• Today’s generation of employees expect to learn differently – how 3D Interactive and Virtual Reality (VR) Training is changing the way they engage with content.
• What YOU can do – to reduce training costs and accelerate employee learning (and what to avoid).

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