Questions To Ask 3D Interactive Virtual Training Vendors

In our last post, we shared Questions To Ask Yourself Before Considering 3D Interactive Virtual Training. If you’ve determined you’re ready (and even if you’re not!) having a sense of what questions to ask potential interactive training vendors is the next step.

Most of your questions for potential 3d interactive training vendors will fall under two broad categories:

WHY use 3D Interactive Virtual Training (at all)?
WHY use that specific vendor/company?

Let’s start with the questions that fit into the first category.


“WHY should we use 3D Interactive Virtual Training?”

1. Please tell me what is wrong with how we’re training technicians right now – and why?
For this first question, share how you currently train today to frame the inquiry. And (this is important) – just like going to doctor, lawyer or an accountant, be transparent and frank with your situation. Only then can a solution provider diagnose and prescribe the right mix of solutions (as one size should never fit all).

2. Who else is using this kind of virtual training in my vertical?
Note – the fact that some large known companies are leading the way is a GOOD sign.

3. Do you have any ROI data?
This could be market data or preferably the vendor’s customers reporting back.

4. How do I go about constructing an ROI projection for my specific situation?
A vendor should have experience with collaborating on the business case construction.

Sikorsky Screenshot5. Do you have samples of 3D Interactive Virtual Training that I can share with my user base to get their reaction to it?
Getting early buy-in from instructors and students would be very helpful. They could tell you what they like and what they would want to see custom made for their needs.


And now for the second category of questions – “WHY should we use YOU?

1. How can you demonstrate leadership in this industry? Are you virtual training focused or is this one of many offerings?
This is really important. Some companies start doing ten different things to increase revenue, and in the process they do a mediocre job on all of them. Remember, the path from Good to GREAT involves a whole lot of FOCUS!

2. Please speak to your past performance and industry recognition.
Establishing credibility through historical evidence is crucial. If you are that good, how come no one has used you? You don’t want to be someone’s test case.  Some Industry awards and press coverage wouldn’t hurt either!

3. Who are your customers? Can I talk to at least three of them for a reference?
Companies that OBSESS over customer service will actually encourage you to talk to their customers, since they know that a customer’s endorsement is the best sales pitch in the world.

4. While I do not have a Web or mobile need today, I recognize that business is moving that way and would like to be ‘future-proof’. How do you typically address this concern?
This is CRUCIAL since it is inevitable. Read this post to inform your thinking on this question: Moving Beyond Mobile First to TOUCH first. Your vendor should have you on a predictable technology road map for a mobile and distributed workforce.

5. O&M technicians are often intimidated by complicated technology. Will they need specialized training to use this training?
We speak to this in-depth in this post: Simplicity is a Competitive Advantage

6. Where can I learn more about your company’s culture and your customer relations philosophy?
Brochures and other marketing collateral are just that. You want to do business with people you like, as the relationship is likely to last years, not months.

7. How long has your company been in business? And what happens to me if you go out of business?
Mitigating risk is important and you should know how your program will be taken care of in any situation.

8. What if we are not satisfied – or better yet ecstatic – with the end product?
Companies that are the best at what they do will always offer a 100% money back guarantee. You might not take it or need it, but they shouldn’t be concerned at all if you bring it up.

If you aren’t comfortable with answers to any of these questions, keep asking around until you are – or better yet, reach out to us!

Demos of 3D Interactive Virtual Training can be viewed here.