Point A to Point “BE”

Measure for Impact

It’s ‘what’ we measure that’s important

At Heartwood, a ‘performance review’ looks very different from what you’d find at most companies. Allow me to explain by using an example:

The Task
Let’s say we assign three people this task to perform: After being lined up in an open, outside area, they have to take an object from point A to point B and come back in under 15 minutes.

The Results
The first two people run as fast as they can and come back in 9 and 11 minutes respectively.
Minute twelve hits and the third person hasn’t even left. He’s thinking, that’s for sure, and is busy looking around for who knows what. Suddenly at the thirteenth minute mark, he borrows a golf cart and drives back and forth, returning by the fifteenth minute, with no time to spare.

The Review
Using typical ‘performance review’ criteria, this third person obviously performed the worst as he just barely made the 15 minute window and he spent money hiring the cart.
But if we evaluated his performance using an IMPACT review, which is what we do at Heartwood, it would have a very different outcome. Why? This employee gave the company a tool for life. And from now on, every team member would be able to execute that task in two minutes, using a golf cart.

Impact supersedes performance.
Using an impact mindset shifts the focus from being reactive to taking initiative beyond today’s call of duty. Sometimes you will risk today’s pat on the back for tomorrow’s hug, but it’s worth it in the long run.

So when moving your team from Point A to BE:
• BE pro-active.
• BE that person who doesn’t work the most, but thinks most differently.
• BE a tool provider, not just a tool user.

Picture1Some questions to consider: Are we simply just performing well? Or is there a lasting ‘impact’ we are giving our employers, team members and most importantly, our customers?

What is your Golf Cart for the team?

Thinking differently is a Heartwood hallmark – and part of the reason why we were named a Top Simulation and Training Company for 2013 & 2014!


Photo credit: Aussie Gall