Moving From Interactive to ‘Inter-Adaptive’ Is Not Science Fiction

Interactive Learning Will Replace Textbooks

Re-thinking the learning format

Once upon a time (not so very long ago), e-learning wasn’t an option. If you wanted to learn something, you had to attend a session in-person. And if scheduling or availability didn’t work out, you had to wait till the next time around.

Then we had visual components as supplemental learning – mostly PowerPoint presentations or videos that we would watch (and then quickly forget). These visual objects inevitably became available on the Web and the “First generation” of e-learning was born.

There are four “generations” of e-learning (as excerpted from E-learning: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly in this edition of CAT Magazine).

The Second generation of e-learning expands on the first by offering interactive quizzes or other forms of assessment. Many people have experience with these offerings as they’re pretty common online. Unfortunately, their learning potential is limited because they offer limited interactivity and feedback.

The next generation is where things start to get interesting: Third generation e-learning is fully interactive and immersive, offering game-based simulations, avatars and interactive exercises custom designed to meet instructional objectives. And THIS is where Heartwood comes in today, but fourth generation is where it’s headed. Here’s why:

Fourth generation training adapts to users on the fly, it’s custom instructional content that’s fully interactive, adaptive and dynamic. If you’re an advanced learner, it changes up the lesson plan to suit you! And if you need extra practice in a specific area, it offers that too. It recognizes what you need and adapts to that need.

It certainly has a SciFi feel to it, but so did third generation technology once upon a time. Your virtual 1:1 learning experience is merely one technological leap away.

As we make great strides to move into the fourth generation realm, Heartwood actively seeks ideas and suggestions from anyone who has mastered fourth generation ‘inter-adaptability.’ Is that you? Reach out or share your experiences with us! And be sure to check out our videos demonstrating 3D interactive training to give your creative process a kickstart!


Photo credit: BlankBaby on Flickr