3D Interactive Training iPad ExampleRaytheon, Oshkosh Defense, L-3, the US Army… all organizations that are rich in history and tradition. So you might be surprised to learn that these companies are also lean-forward innovators when it comes to Operations and Maintenance Training.

They recognize that very few of us look forward to traditional classroom training, epic PowerPoint presentations, or sitting in front of clunky simulated equipment. They also recognize 3D Interactive Training changes the game – creating engaging training experiences that result in more effective learning, fewer injuries, and meaningful cost reductions.

In this first in a series of blog posts, we’ll explore how you can take traditional MRO training to the next level by introducing 3D Interactive Training to your existing training programs.

3D Interactive Training + “Chalk and Talk” Classroom Training

With today’s complex equipment and demanding operating environments, it is virtually impossible to send technicians into the field without some classroom training. And instructor led “chalk and talk” classroom training is still a great way to deliver uniform information in an environment free of distractions and demands for students’ attention.

But just because students aren’t being distracted by their daily duties doesn’t mean they’re fully engaged with the classroom training materials! The traditional tools of classroom training (videos, handouts, and lectures) leave a lot to be desired. Students want a more exciting, realistic approach to training; one with a dynamic mix of listening, seeing, and doing. Instructors need a way to measure individual students’ level of engagement, understanding, and retention of the information being delivered.

Adding 3D Interactive Training to the classroom helps students and instructors.

Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training Apps turn passive observers into active, engaged learners. Students interact with simulated equipment using true-to-life immersive scenarios –  troubleshooting faults and mastering tasks just as they would in the real world, while in the background Heartwood’s training apps capture and analyze each interaction to determine not only how well each student is learning the information, but also identifies where students may need more instruction.  Instructors are armed with a continuous feedback loop that allows them to tailor their lessons to the needs of the class.

Just because training starts in the classroom, doesn’t mean it should end there. 

With Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training you can deliver “just in time” training to your technicians any time, anywhere, on any platform. Students can learn on the job, using smart phones or tablets to access information as they need it in the course of their daily work.

Want to learn more about how 3D Interactive Training can help you train your staff better, faster, and with less risk and expense than traditional training?  Download our free guide to 3D Interactive Training, or simply contact us for a consultation with one of our 3D Interactive Training experts.