BACKGROUND & PROBLEM: Establishing proper safeguards for railroad personnel and equipment is an essential safety prerequisite when conducting operations on or around tracks. Adequate safety measures and procedures must be thoroughly understood and adhered to by anyone engaged in tasks involving track-related activities, such as equipment movement, inspections, and maintenance. However, railway workers can sometimes face challenges in implementing and maintaining proper track protections due to several reasons: complexity of regulations, time pressure, communication gaps, complacency, familiarity, resource constraints, cultural factors, lack of training, fatigue, stress, and resistance to change.

SOLUTION OVERVIEW: To address these challenges, it is essential to prioritize a strong safety culture with engaging new-hire and ongoing training with regular review and assessment of safety protocols. This simulation evaluates students’ knowledge of track protections to more effectively establish and maintain the proper track protections necessary for a safe working environment. This simulation allows a student to practice setting protections on a variety of track layouts. The student is given a work scenario and then required to determine and set up the proper protections. The simulation has a variety of switches, derails, warning signs, signals, and lights the student is required to choose from and interact with to clearly mark and secure work zones.

It can be difficult to reproduce an abundance of work scenarios during hands-on training to reinforce good habits. This Sim gives the student additional practice at their pace, from any device.

Used for: Classroom Training, Self-Paced/Refresher Learning


  • Tutorial to guide students through all basic actions required to perform and complete the Sim
  • Test the student on setting up proper protections work perform their work
  • Randomly generated configuration of tracks and switches
  • Menu for students to choose and place appropriate protection equipment or personnel
  • Distance display (the student will always know how far they are from the work zone)
  • Results to be shown once the student completes the Sim with an opportunity to view incorrect items


  • Reduced Safety Incidents
  • Improved situational awareness which can lead to safer personnel and increased efficiency when setting protections
  • A formalized tool for new hire training or refresher training

After using the sim, employees should be able to:

  • Identify proper protection equipment required to keep themselves, others, and equipment safe on/near the track
  • Better understanding of where to place required protection equipment
  • Setup a safe work zone


PC, VR, Mobile, LMS

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