Tracks and railyards are inherently dangerous environments. They are constantly in movement and can be loud, chaotic and often dark with a variety of moving equipment and people. Railroaders can get distracted or become complacent and ignore potential safety hazards. Anyone near or on a track must be aware of their environment at all times.


In the Near Miss Sim, students practice awareness of moving equipment hazards and navigating the railyard safely. While performing a series of tasks, students learn to recognize potential hazards, make informed decisions, and practice caution in the railyard. Students will navigate the rail yard following instructions for specific tasks while maintaining awareness of safety hazards and keeping a safe distance.

Used for: Classroom Training, Self-Paced/Refresher Learning by Transportation, Mechanical, and Engineering


  • Tutorial to guide students through all basic actions required to perform and complete the Sim
  • The student is required to perform a variety of tasks: Equipment Inspection, Maintenance Tasks, or Switch Operation or Repair
  • Moving locomotives and cars in the rail yard
  • Randomly generated configuration of tracks, switches, and movement patterns of equipment
  • Student is required to maintain proper distances from equipment while navigating the yard
  • Results to be shown once the student completes the Sim with an opportunity to view unsafe actions or near misses


  • Reduced Safety Incidents
  • Improved situational awareness which can lead to safer personnel and increased efficiency when setting protections
  • A formalized tool for new hire training or refresher training

After using the sim, employees should be able to:

  • Understand the dynamic and sometimes chaotic environment of a railyard and have the ability to identify potential hazards in their surroundings
  • Maintain a sense of situational awareness while working on tasks in the railyard by regularly scanning their environment visibly and audibly, predicting the paths of moving equipment, and understanding potential blind spots
  • Make safe movement techniques, such as maintaining a safe distance from moving equipment and adhering to established safety protocols.


PC, VR, Mobile, LMS

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