In the Incident Avoidance Training Simulation, railroaders will encounter and analyze critical safety challenges that arise during railroad operations. This Virtual Reality (VR) training simulation immerses participants in realistic incident scenarios, enabling them to learn first-hand the complexities and hazards of rail operations. By simulating high-risk situations and learning directly from real events, railroaders can develop the decision making and awareness necessary to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

These scenarios are based on real incidents, allowing employees to learn:

  • What Happened: Understand the details of past incidents.
  • What Could Happen: Anticipate potential future hazards.
  • How to Avoid It: Implement strategies to prevent similar incidents.


Railroaders will experience and analyze critical safety challenges associated with shove movements on the track. Taking place during the late evening under clear skies, the scenario involves a train positioned on an adjacent track to the shove movement. The Conductor controls the shoving movement from the lead railcar, having radioed the Engineer to stop within five railcar lengths. As the train slows, participants will witness the dangers posed by close clearances between trains, particularly if the Conductor falls from their position and becomes trapped. Viewpoints include: Conductor 1, Conductor 2, Observer.


  • Understand the dynamic environment and other variables of a safety incident, and have the ability to identify potential hazards in their surroundings
  • Learn the importance of specific teaching moments, modeled from real data, including situational awareness, predicting the paths of moving equipment, and understanding potential safety hazards.
  • Multiple viewpoints while in the scenario, including participant and observer view.
  • Explore and navigate the incident environment in real time or at your own pace.


Virtual Reality (VR)

This year 45,315 railroaders will stay competent with these training simulations and guides.

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