In the O&M (Operations & Maintenance) industry, Training tools and content that exist today are static, unintuitive, overwhelming, and disconnected from the real world. They don’t relay information as an instructor would, in a live training session. Live sessions however are expensive, limited in reach, and hard to schedule.

Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training empowers Komatsu’s technicians to practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form & function, allowing them to ‘Learn-by-doing’.
This in turn, empowers their Training Instructors to accelerate user learning, reduce training costs and decrease expensive live training by being Visual, Interactive and Portable.

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CMS WiRE interviewed Komatsu’s Training Director and here is what he had to say –

The market has been experiencing a shift, with everything available on demand — and training is really no different from any other product knowledge you’d want, and need, right away…. Apps instead of Plane Tickets!

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