Problem: The Audi TT has a new dashboard and controls layout. The ‘Audi MMI’ is a revolutionary improvement – a brand new way to access all the features. By the time dealerships receive new car shipments, employees must be fully familiar with the re-designed controls and that includes – technicians, brand specialists, service managers and consultants and shop foremen. This is a ‘Chicken & Egg’ problem since they can’t actually touch the cars before they arrive. The nationwide training task was estimated to cost about $2.52 Million (see next page).

Solution: Heartwood developed a 3D Interactive Virtual Cockpit iPad App that replicates the real car controls. Dealership employees interact with the virtual cockpit, MMI and steering wheel controls using their fingers on iPads as if they are actually in the car.

Expected Results:
1. Dealerships will be familiarized with the new virtual cockpit, MMI and steering wheel controls prior to receiving the actual cars.
2. The Training Apps will help certify 270 technicians, and train over 7,000 dealership employees efficiently.

Expected Benefits:
1. Train nationwide staff in 22-26% less time – reducing direct training costs.
2. Projected savings of $600K – Click here for a Three-Step Business case analysis.

Project Status: The Audi TT Virtual Cockpit Training App was a success and is featured on the Audi German training website and is available worldwide! Audi signed on for development of 3D Interactive Training Apps for the Q7 model.

Heartwood has done a great job on our Audi Virtual Cockpit project.  They walked myself and couple other team members through the App and everyone was very impressed by it.  We’re getting ready for our Train-the-Trainer on the TT, so this App is right on schedule. Please thank the team for a job well done!”
Manager, Technical and Collision Training, Audi

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