Intermodal ramps are like a beehive. Drivers picking up freight and cutting off train or crane paths. Then there are cars, engines, cranes, hostler trucks and on. Safety is a priority.

Workers (and supervisors) are often inexperienced of how an intermodal ramp operates or how a train is ramped and de-ramped.

Picture this — before your staff showed up at the facility, they understood:

The blue semi should not be left in the crane path.
Personnel should not walk under a suspended load.
How track is to be protected properly when a train is de-ramping.
Leadman verification – that a loaded outbound train is properly secured.

And could identify:

Something sitting on the platform while a train is about to depart?
Trailer not properly loaded on hitch car, door not secured, leaning car?
A missing Inter-box Connector (IBC) or container pin?

With an Intermodal Railyard Sim like this: Provide them role-based training in advance, as if they were there.

The Practice is Simulated. The Proficiency is Real.

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