Training on the Go – 3D Interactivity & iPads Are Made for Each Other

If your partner isn’t bringing out the best in you, you’re in the wrong relationship.” –Anonymous

Apple is known for innovating. With the creation of the iPhone and iPad they completely changed the way we access information and interact in the world – not just on the Internet, but with apps we can take with us anywhere.

It makes perfect sense that businesses of all kinds would see this new technology and want to take advantage of it and incorporate it into their training. Except when they do, many clearly aren’t seeing the true potential of these devices.

There is nothing innovative, or particularly useful, about downloading a PDF onto a tablet for a trainee to read. Especially when the option to do so much more exists!

Case in point: 3D Interactive Virtual Training when paired with an iPad makes for a compelling portable training program embraced by industries from aerospace to firefighting. Here are a few advantages of this pairing:

Improved training with learning by doing – No matter the job, the work will ultimately be hands on, so it’s always best when training can be too.
Learning by doing makes for more memorable training than sitting in a classroom or reading a manual. And with high-risk jobs in fields like aviation, defense and others, “memorable” is critical. Helicopter giant Sikorsky is a great example of this (see video below) – they are increasing the technical competence of their customer’s indigenous non-English fluent workers, using iPads and 3D Interactive Training technology to overcome language barriers.

Cost savings on live training sessions –
Training technicians every single time on actual vehicles can be expensive and often time-prohibitive. When we worked with Auto manufacturer Audi (see video below), we used 3D Interactive Training to help them learn newly designed controls even before the physical cars arrived at the dealerships. Read the Full Case Study Here.

Safe training and refreshing
– The real beauty of virtual training on an iPad is that workers can refresh their training anytime and anywhere they want. Staying on top of tasks not often performed, especially in high-risk scenarios, could mean the difference between life and death. The Yukon, Oklahoma fire department, for example, routinely does refresher training of their communication skills using iPads and 3D Interactive Training to simulate life-threatening fire rescue scenarios.

Opportunities to re-purpose & monetize – In addition to the obvious benefits of higher productivity and a safer workplace, organizations can turn training into a profitable endeavor, instead of an expense. How? By creating premium training modules to sell to others in their industry. With iPads and other mobile devices gaining in popularity, 3D Interactive Training apps that use interactive gaming technology is a market waiting to pop. Better to get there before the competition does!

As more companies embrace mobile technology as a training tool, they’ll come to realize the power at their disposal when they combine “learn by doing” technologies like 3D Interactive Training with the flexibility of devices like the iPad.

And we’ll continue showing them exactly how to harness that power for their own good.

Reach out now if you’re ready to take your training to go.