3D Interactive Tech Talk – Smithsonian, Education, Mining

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Exploring the Future of 3D Education
Stockholm-based 3-D visualization company Sensavis published an e-book exploring “The Future of 3D Education.” It features the latest educational research and information that 3D enthusiasts seek and “gives examples of successful implementation, explores some of the myths,” and helps readers figure out whether or not 3D education could work for them. Check it out here.

3D Scanning & printing historical replicas

Smithsonian Artifacts Available for 3D Printing
Did you know that “only 1 percent of the [Smithsonian’s] 137 million objects [are] actually on display to the public at any given time”? So “digitizing its offerings” (even just a fraction of them) makes sense. It will give the public the ability to view these items from every possible angle – AND you can print out 3D replicas (for educational purposes only).

Experience Underground Mining Via Virtual Reality
When it comes to dangerous jobs, mining tops the list – but that could change, thanks to virtual reality. The Safety in Mines Testing and Research Centre in Redbank, Queensland, “will enable mine workers to experience all the sights, sound and challenges” of working in a mine. “The virtual reality training centre uses 3D replicas of working Queensland mines and allows workers to navigate a host of situations they may experience underground with a heavy focus on safety, training and education.”

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Image credit: NPR