Raj Raheja at zCon 2013: The Advantages of ‘Learning-by-Doing’

In the O&M (Operations & Maintenance) industry, training tools and content that exist today are static, unintuitive, overwhelming, and disconnected from the real world. They don’t relay information as an instructor would in a live training session. Live sessions, however, are expensive, limited in reach, and hard to schedule. Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training lets students practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form & function, allowing them to ‘Learn-by-doing’.

Why ‘Learn-by-doing’? Because it’s the best way to teach things you actually want people to remember!

Watch Heartwood CEO Raj Raheja as he presents on the power of Learning by Doing at zCon 2013.

ZCon Heartwood Presentation from Heartwood 3D on Vimeo.