Podcast – Digital Transformation for Railroads: No Longer a Strategy, But a Necessity!

In this episode of Digital Insights Outlook Podcast by Stratix, host Gina Daniel-Lee chats with the co-founders of Heartwood, Raj Raheja and Neil Wadhawan, about digital transformation in the rail industry and the transformative way their virtual immersive training solutions are preparing rail employees for maintenance, safety and compliance.

We’re sharing some highlights in this post and you can listen to the entire podcast here.

What you will gain from listening to it:

  • How railroads that want to thrive are moving from a ‘Digital Also’ to a ‘Digital First’ mindset.
  • Driving forces for remote and virtual learning (apart from pandemic physical distancing).
  • Form, Function and Feedback – 3 pillars of a simulated learning experience.
  • 2021 Forecast on training priorities for the rail industry.
  • That was one of the best answers on our rapid-fire!” said Gina to this question – “If you could have lunch with one person dead or alive, who would it be?”

Listen to the entire podcast here or click below:

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