Heartwood Invited to Demo at Google

Neil Wadhawan at Google Native Client EventHeartwood was invited to speak about the future of Virtual Interactive Training and demo it’s 3D Interactive Training Apps at Google Headquarters. 

Modern PCs can execute billions of instructions per second, but today’s web applications can access only a small fraction of this computational power. Welcome Google’s Native Client, a technology that aims to give 3D Interactive Training developers such as Heartwood access to the full power of the client’s CPU while maintaining the browser neutrality, OS portability and safety that people expect from web applications.

Neil Wadhawan, Co-founder & VP of Sales and Marketing at Heartwood was recently invited to demonstrate the power of Google’s Native Client and Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley. Watch the Google Native Client presentation event here.

Native Client running in Google’s Chrome browser enables Heartwood to deliver full 3D interactivity plugin-free applications built in Unity while further streamlining application deployment and giving learners simplified access.  Contact us to learn more.