Heartwood Co-founder Neil Wadhawan Recognized for Entrepreneurship by Northeastern University

Neil Wadhawan with Northeastern University President Joseph Auon

Neil Wadhawan with Northeastern University President Joseph Auon

Remember when you were a kid, and getting your name in the newspaper was a huge deal? Your parents would buy lots of copies, cut out the page and hang it on the refrigerator door, and boast to friends and family. In short, it was your moment in the spotlight!

As adults, most of us don’t make the papers… but Heartwood co-founder and VP of Sales and Marketing Neil Wadhawan still does!

Neil was recently recognized in the Spring 2012 issue of Northeastern Magazine, the alumni publication for graduates of the university. The feature highlights Neil’s success at Heartwood, and also his history of entrepreneurship from an early age.

“Sharing stories with other entrepreneurs, of our shared challenges and successes, is extremely satisfying. I’m honored that Northeastern has chosen to recognize the pioneering work we’re doing at Heartwood, using gaming technology to revolutionize training and marketing, as an example of successful entrepreneurship.”

You can read the original feature here: http://www.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=105409&p=20