Get a Sneak Peek at the 3D Interactive App We’re Unveiling at CANSEC

Did you know that CANSEC is Canada’s largest defense technology showcase? It is, and this year’s event will have over 120,000 square feet of indoor exhibits as well as outdoor displays, plus feature Canada’s leading defense and aerospace companies. That makes CANSEC a great event to unveil our latest 3D Interactive Virtual Training Application.

We developed this immersive 3D application for Oshkosh Defense. For over 90 years, Oshkosh has been mobilizing military and security forces around the globe, and relying on advanced technologies to provide a technical edge to their customers.
Here’s a video clip of the 3D Interactive Virtual Training Application in action:

Oshkosh HEMTT Virtual Training from Heartwood 3D on Vimeo.

If you’re going to CANSEC, then stop by the Oshkosh Defense booth #1001 and let them demonstrate how 3D Interactive Virtual Training is helping dramatically reduce training related travel and equipment transport costs.

And even if you’re not able to make this year’s event, you can still learn how Heartwood is helping military, defense, and aerospace companies transform their training programs with 3D Interactive Technologies.
Check out our sample videos or always feel free to contact us.