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Virtual reality is arguably the next tech frontier – one we’ve collectively planted a flag in and begun to tame. But is the manufacturing industry ready for VR-based training to explode?

Signs of virtual life
Let’s first take a look at where we are with VR overall. Despite the excitement surrounding new gadgets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, VR itself isn’t exactly new. As early as 1960 there were versions of the VR tech we see today, even if the term itself wasn’t popularized until 1987.

As computers have become more advanced, compact and mobile, the potential for VR applications has only grown. Consumer models aren’t quite household equipment just yet, but that time is coming. Meanwhile, industries like education, medicine, the military, and of course manufacturing, are looking at what VR can do for them – particularly with regard to training. But are we really there yet?” …. Click to Read More…

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