Breaking the Rules to Break Into Business


“I came to this country a day before 9/11…”

This is how CEO and co-founder, Raj Raheja, begins the story of finding and signing up Heartwood’s first client. In the uncertainty of the weeks and months following 9/11, businesses were not eager to take on new projects. Companies across all industries pulled back to “wait and see” mode, and Raj resorted to searching Craigslist in hopes of finding opportunities for new deals.

Finally finding a prospect with some potential, Raj was dismayed to see that the application process was entirely based on a form submission, and that the company had expressly forbidden phone calls from applicants – going so far as to say that anyone who called would be disqualified. Faced with a tough market and few options, Raj made his decision.

Read the full story on The Unpaved Road blog to get a glimpse into how Raj’s unique combination of humor and dedication have helped grow Heartwood from that first client, to a business providing unmatched 3D Interactive Training and 3D Interactive Marketing experiences to some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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