Arming Business Warriors for Market Warfare

Market Warfare - Leadership Domination Over Competitors Edmond HennessyMarketing and selling to big industries, like the military, defense, aerospace, and healthcare, can be a challenge.  Even after you’ve learned how to navigate the rules, regulations, and certifications required to do business in these industries, you still have to figure out how to break through the noise and connect with the right people.

Ed “Hawkeye” Hennessey is an expert at helping companies break into these complex markets.  After years in the trenches of sales, marketing, and business development Ed founded Performance Marketing Group, with the goal of arming “tough business warriors” with the skills and support they need to succeed.

“Performance Marketing Group helped guide us toward some out-of-the-box marketing programs in a slow-to-change industry,” says Raj Raheja, Co-founder and CEO of Heartwood 3D.  “Ed has an in-depth knowledge of the defense, aerospace, and military space, and a roster of trusted contacts who look to him to introduce new techniques and technologies to the market.”

Ed was recently featured in the Quinnipiac University Business alumni magazine, where he shares more about the mission of PMG.  And, be sure to check out Ed’s book, “Market Warfare: Leadership and Domination Over Competitors” on Amazon.