3D Interactive Tech Talk – Virtual Reality Training for Verizon, Electric Safety

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Verizon using AR/VR for simulated technical training

Seeing AR & VR in action more and more will certainly inspire others to follow suit with their own technician training, and Verizon is leading the charge. Their simulated training teaches techs how to splice fiber optics, install and repair terminals and prepare them for scenarios that include “working aloft in a bucket truck, going in a manhole under the busy streets of New York City, installing fiber from rooftops and climbing ladders on utility poles in busy pedestrian areas.” The strive to “improve operational readiness, and lead to better experiences for customers on a daily basis.”


Medium Voltage Training with Less Risk

CTAWhy are large enterprises using immersive technology for training? A more appropriate question would be ‘why not?’ – particularly when it comes to dangerous jobs, like working with electricity. At Schneider, they’re realized the value of virtual training. Reproducing the training environment via simulation involves less risk for the training technicians, and it also teaches them how to respond to emergencies before they happen in the field, “such as an electrical fault that puts the installation at risk. Through simulations operators make decisions to resolve the technical issue and even communicate with virtual stakeholders like factory managers or site directors.
In VR settings, they can make errors or experiment with different possible solutions without real-life consequences. Having this freedom in a virtual environment gives learners confidence to perform the right actions in a real-life setting.” And that will save lives.

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