3D Interactive Tech Talk – VR for Safety & Adaptability at BMW, Purdue

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

BMW Visualizes Training with VR

The BMW Group is using Virtual Reality (VR) to plan, train, and assess assembly production and employees, setting a pace for other car manufacturers, no doubt!

Inside the Production Academy, trainers have been using Augmented Reality (AR) goggles to train production workers on engine assembly units. Trainers are now able to work with three employees at a time, instead of just one, as they’d been limited to in the past and trainees are more engaged than ever, using voice controls to move through each session at their own pace,

Best of all – the training can be easily adapted to capture requirements for additional processes: “Setting up a new training program with this software is quick and easy: To complement real images, the relevant points of interest are determined at a regular PC and then set with the aid of AR goggles, and that’s all.”
Their goal is to make this software available company-wide via a self-service portal by the end of 2019.


Purdue Putting Safety at Head of the Class

Assistant Professor of Construction Management Technology and a group of student developers, created a fun, interactive way to present OSHA lectures to job-site workers via six VR modules. The goal is to have “more hands-on learning in a virtual environment, and with demos, [so] it is a safe environment (for learning).”

Purdue is finding that VR training not only offers safer on-the-job learning, but also decreases overhead costs. “(The) usage of resources such as equipment but also personnel can be quite expensive to have a personal trainer to walk you through all of this,” Jenkins said. “You may have mentors on the construction site that can give you some of this information, but time is money. They just can’t stop what they’re doing to teach somebody new and do this every time you get a new person.”

And this training series is just the beginning of what they have planned, as they’re looking to integrate it with grading systems, other databases and are considering deploying it via Steam, a popular gaming platform, to encourage widespread adoption. To say they’re excited about these learnings would be an understatement!


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