3D Interactive Tech Talk – VR based training for Lowes, Fork Trucks

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Simulating Reach-Fork Truck Training for Operator Expertise

With high-capacity trucks reaching “542 inches and lift[ing] up to 4,500 pounds” creating a virtual reality simulator at Raymond Corporation made sense from both a safety and a financial standpoint. Operators are able to practice via simulation, putting neither themselves nor expensive equipment at risk, with complete advanced, hands-on instruction that improves proficiency and builds confidence.


Lowes Teaching Shoppers DIY Skills with VR

Lowes Vrtraining 600 JXAQuHtThe best way to attract loyal consumers is to offer personalized solutions to their specific challenges. Lowes realized consumers weren’t finishing their home improvement projects and wanted to help change that. “The aim of the Holoroom How To program was to teach customers basic do-it-yourself skills, such as supplies needed for a project and steps to complete one. [As a result], Lowe’s found that customers have about a 40% greater retention of steps to complete a project when using the virtual reality training.”
And they’ve now extended this training to employees, to teach them how to use in-store equipment. 90% of the 400 employees it’s been deployed to so far have reported beneficial results.

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