3D Interactive Tech Talk – Virtual Training & VR in Nuclear, Construction

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Nuclear Engineer Safety VR Training

High risk jobs in the nuclear industry will soon be less dangerous, thanks to immersive tech. VR technology will help boost safety in the nuclear energy industry by preparing hazard awareness modules that simulate highly realistic, radioactive situations. Workers practice how to put on expensive (and often disposable) air-fed suits and navigate hazardous environments in them, among other things.

VR TrainingThe Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is currently using it to develop counter-terrorism exercises for the Metropolitan Police as well.

“Around the world, accidents in the nuclear and other high-risk industries are often due to the incorrect use of safety equipment. Training people to use their safety equipment properly and to learn the appropriate steps in a safe and controlled environment could prevent accidents and even save lives.”

VR training allows engineers to be trained before facilities have even been built, so safety can be the top priority from Day One.


Cat Safety VR: Training Road Construction Crews

VR trainingRealizing they needed a safe alternative to real-world training scenarios, Caterpillar Inc. has launched Cat Safety VR, a new virtual reality safety training module customized for paving applications. “The safety training solution immerses the trainee into a virtual four-lane rural highway construction site, so the employee learns to interact with coworkers and identify hazards in a safe and controlled environment.” Each session takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Running through progressively complex – and dangerous – scenarios, the worker navigates performing job functions while contending with unpredictable, high-speed traffic. The training stresses coworker communication, wearing the proper personal protective equipment and not taking risks – for any reason, as the result (death) is far from worth it!


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