3D Interactive Tech Talk – Virtual Training for Aviation, Dassault Falcon

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

3D Virtual Aviation Training Creates Unlimited Space for Trainee Groups

One major drawback to training within an actual aircraft – or even mechanical simulators – is lack of space. As Jacques Chauvet, Senior VP Worldwide Customer Service at Dassault Aviation notes, “[With] one instructor and 10 trainees, it can be a bit time-consuming waiting to take turns to go inside the mechanical bays and other tight spaces on the real aircraft.” With the introduction of Falcon Immersive Practical Training, multiple trainees at a time can use 3D virtual reality technology to visualize tight spaces like mechanical bays, as well as internal parts and components like wiring, tubing, and fittings. All trainees can see and follow the instructor at the same time, as they teach within the confines of the virtual space – saving time without sacrificing quality of instruction.


Airbus’ Predicted MRO and Training Needs Make Perfect Case for 3D Simulation Training

Services ByAirbus.jpg.scale.LARGEAccording to the first Airbus Global Services Forecast (GSF), spending in the commercial aviation aftermarket industry is set to explode – to the tune of $3 trillion dollars over the next 20 years. During this time the GSF also predicts doubling of 100+ seat commercial aircraft, as well as the need to train more than 1 million combined pilots and technicians by the year 2035. That’s a tall order – and one which begs for efficient and economical training modalities. Hopefully Airbus Training’s 11 training centers make use of technology like 3D Interactive Simulation to ensure the readiness of the influx of new pilots, crew and maintenance staff, as well as to build the thousands of new aircraft being added to varied airline fleets.


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