3D Interactive Tech Talk – Hololens AR for Elevator Service

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

HoloLens and thyssenkrupp “Elevate” the Maintenance Industry

A new partnership between HoloLens and thyssenkrupp aims to “dramatically improve response time, increase efficiency, raise elevator uptimes and speed up service interventions” for elevator maintenance workers. More than 24,000 thyssenkrupp elevator service engineers will gain a more efficient solution for triaging service requests, with alerts indicating immediate issues, and stored data to address non-urgent events after the fact. Increased safety is also a benefit – thyssenkrupp has already seen a 4X reduction in service call length with hands-free access to Skype guidance while using the HoloLens.

Microsoft “Creators Update” Centers on “Mixed Realities” Like 3D, AR and VR

SSP 501.0Microsoft’s 2017 update to Windows 10 has been dubbed the “Creators Update” – and it offers a clear look at where the future of consumer tech is headed. With new 3D creation tools and a new VR headset running the Windows Holographic platform used by the HoloLens, the Creators Update focuses on bringing Windows 10 users into their computing experience. It’s something Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella calls a “marrying of Windows with Office and gaming.” Other updates include the addition of livestreaming to the Xbox app, and a “zero-gravity hinge” that turns the Surface into a drafting table for drawing.

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