3D Interactive Tech Talk – Energy Sector doubling down on VR

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AGL Energy Limited “Gears” Up For VR Training

AGL_EIA_taglineAGL Energy Limited has been running trials using Samsung Gear VR Headsets, hoping to provide more “immersive” training and orientation of new employees – and that’s just for starters. The company is thinking beyond training and envisioning live VR streaming of intercontinental meetings, but also incorporation of drone footage that could illustrate their investment in the energy sector – for example, perspective from the top of a wind turbine.


Saving Energy in the Energy Sector with VR Simulation
Virtual reality technology is being increasingly used in training scenarios, especially for high-risk jobs, but now the “unforgiving” environment of energy-related industries like oil and gas is benefitting from VR for digital planning. How else do you find time to work out the kinks of overhauling aging equipment, while maintaining compliance, and keeping old and new employees safe in a 24/7 operations cycle? VR simulation offers a perfect solution to an overwhelming challenge.


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