3D Interactive Tech Talk – AR/VR in Healthcare, Medical Training

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

VR and AR Technology Shaping Medical Training
Medical Realities, winner of the Best Use of Virtual Reality Award at The Technology Expo 2015, is raising new funds to develop a library of 360-degree surgical training tutorials for medical professionals and students. The tutorials will work with Medical Realities’ immersive surgical training tool, which leverages 360-degree video, 3D and interactive content. The medical training startup will create its first tutorials – including laparotomy, open fractures treatment, and emergency cesarean section – for Bellwether Procedures. This will move surgical training forward from “Victorian times to the digital age” and give surgeons the opportunity to practice and develop skills prior to working on live patients.
Drag your mouse 360-degrees around in the video below:

AR and VR Market Growing Rapidly in Health Care Industry
According to IndustryARC, a researching and consulting firm that publishes reports from various industries, the global market value of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is growing rapidly. At around $1.2 Billion in 2014, the market is expected to reach $2.54 billion by 2020. AR and VR are being used in the medical field for a variety of tasks including assisting in rehabilitation, providing pain distraction, and simulating operating rooms. This allows doctors to have a more thorough understanding of their job, and patients to have a more pleasant experience. The IndustryARC report looks in-depth at the market by segment, including spatial AR, Vision AR, semi-immersive VR, and fully-immersive VR.


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