3D Interactive Tech Talk – AR/VR on Factory Floors, Food Industry

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Virtual Prototypes, Avatars & The Future of Training

VRiStock 835676944 768x513Advanced technology tools are allowing manufacturers to create avatars and prototypes to test innovative ideas virtually before bringing them to market. And it’s also helping to bridge the skills gap by harnessing worker knowledge so it isn’t lost when these highly skilled workers retire in the next ten years. And the interactive trainings that are now being developed, to safely and efficiently prepare workers for complex processes can eventually fold this data into its development phase. “
Combined VR/AR sales are forecast to hit $150 billion by 2020, with AR alone comprising about $120 billion” and training is at the heart of it.


Food Industry Out to Capture Every Sense with AR
Chef Kitchen Desktop V523327237AR and VR are about to change our day-to-day lives. Beyond its most obvious benefit – offering consistent employee training – the food industry has discovered AR/VR are ways to activate the senses of experience-hungry millennials. “A great example is the “Boursin Sensorium”, a CGI-based VR experience that paired motion (through moving chairs), scents and tasting samples of Boursin cheese.” But that’s not all – these AR overlays offer increasingly immersive experiences that grow in demand.  The only limitation is how far we’re willing to push the envelope. And as of now, there’s no end in sight. “As headsets begin to decrease in price and more developers pour into AR/VR, it’s likely more and more companies will begin to trial and A/B test these new learning platforms.
Perhaps one day, we’ll even view former mass conference workshops with the same nostalgia as the milk delivery man.” Stranger things have happened.

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