3D Interactive Tech Talk – Augmented Reality Training for Japan Airlines, Schneider Elec

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.


Japan Air Uses Microsoft HoloLens To Train & Hone Workplace Skills

Japan Air has launched new virtual training programs this year to give co-pilot trainees access to a 3D simulation of a cockpit using Microsoft’s HoloLens and augmented reality. Also part of their new AR/VR initiative is the ability of engineers and mechanics to improve their diagnostic and repair skills using virtual aircraft engines. HoloLens has made virtual learning a fresh, welcomed reality for Japan Air staff and management. Koji Hayamizu, senior director of Japan Airline’s Products and Service Administration notes the employee’s practice with HoloLens helps change “intellectual memory to muscle memory” and also says he believes that the tech can contribute to the overall safety of the business. Hayamizu hopes to see an entire “virtual plane” in the classroom one day.


Schneider Electric Looking Into AR Applications For New Initiatives

Power Line Pexels 1 450x300After Schneider Electric’s board and lead engineers were introduced to the concept of AR tech in 2015, Mark Minnucci said, “Instantly, it was clear that [augmented reality] was a game-changing technology.” Their research and development unit has explored AR’s applications in three specific areas: maintenance speed and accuracy, customized training for new technicians, and improving the safety of both Schneider service engineers and customers. To that end, Schneider is working on an initiative of “‘connected and connectable'” products – one of which would allow field technicians to see inside a device before they open it, using AR.


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