3D Interactive Tech Talk – 3M Uses Interactive 3D/VR for Construction & Safety training

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

3M Virtual Reality Simulation Adds New Dimension to Safety Training

3M Personal Safety Division is offering virtual reality training for fall protection, fall protection for tools and welding safety.

With the increased demand on safety managers to keep new and veteran workers up-to-date on safety needs and requirements, 3M is expanding on its training and education portfolio,” said Karen Cuta at 3M Personal Safety Division. “Gaming technology and virtual reality have broadened the tools available for safety experts and manufacturers to engage an increasingly diverse workforce. While we continue to offer in-person and virtual training sessions and experiences around the world, 3M is increasing its investment in technology-driven learning tools.”

3M’s new virtual reality training tools fall within its newly-defined six elements of 3M’s Science of Safety: Industry Experience, Hazard Awareness, Regulatory Knowledge, Innovative Technologies, Quality Products and Education & Training.


When will VR/AR take off at the Jobsite?

VR AR trainingThere has been a lot of discussion lately about the value of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the construction industry.

Both technologies, but particularly AR, can provide a good visualization of what a completed job should look like. Construction companies can then compare with the plans, and any adjustments can be made. VR is an experience nearly identical to walking around in a real building environment, even allowing users to toggle through different lighting conditions to simulate both night and day. Details as minor as wallpaper texture can be observed.

Using AR and VR on the jobsite can help a contractor perform the job better. The technology can also help fill in the worker gap, bringing knowledge to all of those working on a project, and addressing the skilled labor shortage challenge, as the technology can provide instruction and data overlay.

Many organizations are predicting the market will soar in the months ahead.


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