Management Team

Raj Raheja

Chief Executive Officer

Raj provides a leading voice for the future of 3D Interactivity and Virtual Training technologies. He believes in meshing great technologies together and if it’s Visual and Interactive, then he is interested in it! Raj co-founded Heartwood with Neil Wadhawan, and focuses on company vision, culture and new technology development, his real passion.

He has been awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and featured in – Inc. & Entrepreneur magazines, San Francisco Business Times, Silicon Valley Business Journal and more. He intensely writes about his vision for the industry, the company, our team and founding principles here.

Raj loves the water and has convinced himself that he is a good tennis player. He encourages everyone at the company to live a complete life, sometimes dragging them away from their desks! His latest adventure was climbing the world’s highest free standing mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Neil Wadhawan

Chief Revenue Officer

While top line growth has always been Neil’s #1 responsibility, he firmly believes in Building the Business versus just making the Quarter. He brings a laser-like focus in guiding Heartwood to become the de-facto name for Virtual Interactive Training in the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Training space. He coaches his team to Educate, Evangelize, and Engage the marketplace, in that order. He oversees three critical pillars for growth:

  1. Building relationships with Fortune 1000 like Audi, Tetra Pak and PG&E.
  2. Strategic alliances with enterprise teams at Apple & Google – leveraging their market reach.
  3. Go-to-Market strategy for key sectors like Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy and Heavy Equipment.

Neil spearheaded Heartwood’s official partnership with Apple’s Mobility Partner Program (MPP – only about 150 partners worldwide). Always an energetic speaker, he was invited to demonstrate the Future of Training at Google HQ! A product of Northeastern University, he loves the process of building a company and ensures the founder values and culture are being lived up to.

Tara Scarrow

Director of Development

Tara heads Heartwood’s development and is well known in the industry for driving a relentless quest for quality. Right beside that passion, her purpose is to take the notion of customer service to a level that is almost inspirational.

She emphasizes that “a customer is never out of warranty, even if the product is.

On an operational level, she aligns with our customers’ vision of their training solutions and creates processes to develop innovative, intuitive and simple-to-use applications. Being customer-obsessed, Tara is able to hold that vision while encouraging her division to push the limits of the technology.

Most weekends you will find Tara taking in the glory of the Northern California outdoors or enjoying one of the many local festivals.

Timo Wadhawan

Chief Financial Officer

Timo enjoys working on all things financial and contractual. He relishes planting the seeds of personal responsibility in all of us at Heartwood. He is a dedicated participant in the steady, enduring and ethical growth of the company. His life experiences are many and varied—from hitch hiking in the Middle East and Europe, building Hydro Electric Dams, to constructing power plants in Northern British Columbia. In the spirit of unceasing learning he generates solar electricity at home.

As a tinkerer he has the innate ability to understand the complexity and the O&M training needs of the industry. He is a passionate gardener who enjoys environmentally growing vegetables. Timo has been an avid Ping-Pong competitor, and has recently taken on the challenges of learning Golf. He holds a B. Tech Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi and MASc. Systems Design University of Waterloo, Canada.