In the O&M (Operations & Maintenance) industry, training tools and content that exist today are static, unintuitive, overwhelming, and disconnected from the real world. They don’t relay information as an instructor would, in a live training session. Live sessions however are expensive, limited in reach, and hard to schedule. Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training lets students practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form & function, allowing them to ‘Learn-by-doing’.

PROBLEM: The U.S. Navy needed to improve the core curriculum and transfer of knowledge for students enrolled in Valve Maintenance Courses. Valve courses train Machinist’s Mates (MM) and Gas Turbine Systems Technician-Mechanical (GSM) to perform preventive and corrective maintenance on three different classifications of pumps used aboard Navy ships.

SOLUTION: 3D Interactive Training Application of the Tri-Tec Electronic Valve Actuator, running on both Tablet’s and PC’s.

1. Augment instructor-led courseware.
2. Valve familiarization via Hands-on virtual exploration allowing students to interact with the 3D models in real-time: Assemble, disassemble, rotate, cutaway, cross-reference, and view parts in the context of the valve assembly and sub-component parts.
3. Students can discover and learn prior to class – learning content can be accessed anytime, anywhere on all Navy approved devices and learning portals.

1. To enable ‘Learn by Doing’ vs. just by seeing or reading.
2. To help meet the individual needs of students – visually diagnose difficulty with various topics and improve their individual skill-sets.
3. To free up instructor class time for more interactivity with students – by using it as a pre-training aid to speed classroom instruction.

Your team did a really great job. I am very impressed and taking this application with me to D.C. to brief NAVSEA leadership on the state of the art training solutions we will be providing” – Steve Dutter, Water Front Training Lead at NSWCCD, U.S. Navy

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