PROBLEM: Sopogy is the world’s leading developer of micro concentrated solar power (MicroCSP) technologies. Rapid growth was being dampened by the need to deploy field technicians to train customer teams on the installation procedures. Paper manuals and checklists were inadequate and key steps were being missed or misinterpreted.

SOLUTION: Heartwood developed iPad and web based 3D Interactive Training Apps – virtual interactive equipment that allow site personnel to experience the assembly process by replicating it in form and function.

1. Reduce site visits for Sopogy technicians.
2. Provide hands-on virtual exploration allowing trainees to interact with the 3D models in real-time.
3. Improve training via ‘learning by doing’.
4. Facilitate training anytime, anywhere.

1. Reduce costs and effort of global training, travel, and scheduling.
2. Develop intimate understanding of the parts and how they work together.
3. Trouble shooting visually reduces service calls.
4. Sopogy can repurpose the App into an interactive marketing application.

“Sopogy is aggressively scaling its business globally via channel partners. Therefore, we need a training solution for our solar products with a near loss-less transfer of subject matter expertise. Heartwood’s 3D Interactive Training apps are a perfect fit since they are Visual, Interactive and Portable.” – Rodney Lee, VP Marketing at Sopogy.

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