The Gas Migration Simulation allows learners to experience how gas migrates through real-world, learner-customized scenarios. By adjusting soil or terrain conditions, learners immediately see changes in migration patterns. The Gas Migration Simulation is reusable across numerous courses and functional areas including: Leak Survey, Gas Service, Corrosion and Locate & Mark.

Learn how gas migrates through different types of soil
Learn gas venting through common residential areas.
Learn the effect of pipe depth on venting patterns.
Learn gas flow in trenches & conduits
Predict venting pattern of pipe gas leaks in different locations.
Predict the migration of gas from leaking pipes.

Available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Web/SCORM

The Gas Migration Simulation acts as an on-demand knowledge check tool that learners can reference in the field, in preparation for OQs, and as needed for refresher training. It prepares learners to:
1. Think critically & recall gas migration characteristics.
2. Be proactive & ready to troubleshoot a range of circumstances.

1. Increased OQ readiness, improved assessment scores.
2. Expanded experience with unideal conditions.
3. Safety – reduce safety related incidents due to increased knowledge of how gas migrates.

Download as PDF here.

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