Webinar Video – Future of Training is Visual, Interactive & Portable


  “If there is No Practice, there is No Training” – common field saying.

Traditional eLearning for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is mostly passive, not allowing for student practice. It doesn’t relay information as an instructor would, in a live training session. However, live sessions are expensive, hard to schedule, and not scalable – which is why we’re offering an informative webinar to bridge that gap!

Watch Raj Raheja CEO and Co-founder Neil Wadhawan answering these pressing questions in this webinar recording below:

1. Why “learning by doing” will always be the most effective way to train.
2. Today’s generation of employees expects to learn differently  – how 3D Interactive Virtual Training is changing the way they engage with content.
3. What YOU can do – to reduce O&M training costs, accelerate employee learning and decrease expensive live training.

Download the Presentation Deck here.

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