3D Interactive Tech Talk – NASA, Healthcare, Airbus

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Using 3D Interactive Gaming for NASA, Healthcare & Tourism
A medical training simulator for hospitals; an educational game for NASA; a head-mounted display-based system for combat scenarios and a virtual walkthrough of a Civil War re-enactment for a tourism bureau are all brought to your courtesy of advanced gaming technologies. Where will this take us in five years? Ten?

Japan Air Lines’ Airbus Purchase Signals Training Opportunities
Though its fleet is entirely Boeing thus far, JAL just purchased 31 jets from Airbus. “The Airbus jets will require a significant and ongoing investment in maintenance and training. In other words, JAL is not only buying Airbus planes—it’s buying Airbus pilots and mechanics as well.” We’re guessing JAL leadership will turn to Visual Interactive Training to get everyone up to speed. Do you agree?

Soldier Simulations Deliver Field Training
Whether the training needs to happen individually or in groups (or both), these simulation exercises are helping prepare soldiers for duty. The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence Digital Training Facility “imbeds gaming and simulations within the DTF to facilitate the learning that occurs in the Tactical Operations Center. You have to have units in the field. We can portray, through gaming, troops in the field — Soldiers, platoons or even company level units,” said David Pape, G3 Training Instruction Branch Modeling and Simulations Integration chief.

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Photo credit: Barry Skeates on Flickr