3D Interactive Tech Talk – VR Training for Operations & Safety in Railroads

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Making Railway Training Immersive for Staff & Security

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In a move Harry Potter fans would appreciate, MTR Crossrail has created its own platform 9 and 3/4 (not it’s actual name), with a virtual train station designed to enhance (not replicate) existing training for station staff. “Training is staged across a number of scenarios, from reporting faults on critical station equipment, to dealing with safety hazards that would be too dangerous to replicate in real life.”

The training comes ahead of the new Elizabeth Line, which will has added 70 employees, with 150 more expected in 2019. MTR has created an immersive experience, with a headset that places staff within the simulation and able to act in different roles, from customer service to security, role-playing and identifying dangers. MTR expects the training will provide better knowledge retention long-term and have definite plans for expansion, including looking toward making the technology more mobile. We think they’re on to something.


Railway Safety Training for Children & Operators

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Motion Rail Ltd now offers two VR programs designed to reduce injuries and death of passengers and workers. The stats are alarming:

“As reported by the BBC, in 2016-2017, 39 people lost their lives on railways in the UK – 33 members of the public and 6 workers. Most of the time the injuries that people end up with are a result of trespassing onto the tracks or occur at incidents at level crossings. During the same time frame it is reported that there were also 5,676 injuries to rail workers with 164 being classes as major.”

To teach children how to safely approach and cross railway tracks, Motion Rail created an immersive program where they either cross safely, after following a sequence of tasks, or their avatar is hit by the train. It’s not gory, but it offers a stark warning. And its simulation for workers focuses on keeping them aware of how much time they realistically need to get off of the track when a train is approaching. Both offer extremely valuable lessons.


Also see how Norfolk Southern Railroad is using Heartwood’s simulations for training and evaluation:

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