3D Interactive Tech Talk – UX Design for VR/AR/Digital

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

UX Next Conference

UX NextThe UX Next Conference will showcase the evolution and future direction of service enablement. 350+ tech disruptors and 70+ pioneering speakers will present and discuss digital roadmaps and multiplatform UX.
Tara Scarrow (Dir. of Dev) will be representing Heartwood on this trending topic: The Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality interface. The panel is on Tuesday, 31 October 2017 11:10 – 11:40 am.

Google & IDEO Partner on Human-Centric Design
“VR, AR, and digital assistant present exciting opportunities for the future, but how can we ensure we’re designing for what people really want? Earlier this year, Google Play approached IDEO to find out what emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, digital assistant, and ephemeral apps (apps that you don’t have to download and install) may actually be good for. With the advent of these new technologies come infinite possibilities for their application. In this future, many things are possible, but what is useful and desirable? How will people integrate these technologies into their lives? When they think of what these technologies can do for them, what do they dream of? Where do they want to go? What do they imagine?”

This work is the result of a collaboration between Google Play and IDEO, the global design firm known for its pioneering approach to human-centered design. See a quick highlights video below:

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