3D Interactive Tech Talk – Ford, Shipbuilding uses AR/VR

Welcome to our recurring post, 3D Interactive Tech Talk, highlighting how interactive technology is being used right now and where it’s headed.

Ford Saves Time and Money with VR

Saving money is top of mind in all industries, which sometimes mean resisting new technology where the upfront cost is high. But Virtual Reality (VR) and similar technologies have a rapid return when applied in the right ways. Ford uses VR to view their vehicle models in 3D, allowing them to visualize and manipulate parts and products from all angles. It also helps them find the most efficient ways to implement assembly line processes – resulting in “fewer injuries, lower cost of tooling changes, higher quality and a faster time to market.” They also benefit on the design end – being able to see whether design ideas will work or not before investing in prototype creation.


Navy Using AR to Reduce Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier Building Expenses

SOLUTIONS CONSTRUCTION 02Efficiency and economy are top of mind with government agencies most of all – so Newport News Shipbuilding’s plans to save the U.S. Navy $1 billion by incorporating AR technology into their shipbuilding is great news indeed. By adding the 3D component of augmented reality to the traditional 2D approach, shipyard workers can quickly understand and perform tasks like placing studs in a bulkhead or steel panel, saving hours per person/task daily. Challenges of Navy policy, procedure and security remain, but Newport News engineering manager Patrick Ryan maintains,”[AR] is going to be the biggest thing that we can do to impact cost that has come across in 40 years.”


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